Electronics Recycling

Semiconductor Parts | Used Computers | Used Phone Systems

Capitol Area Technology provides your company a green solution to dispose of obsolescing, excess or broken electronics and high tech systems with confidence that they are being handled with environmentally correct procedures and tracking. We work with many companies, as well as state and local governments to support and create programs that will allow companies and individuals to dispose of items at little to no cost.

According to the EPA, recycling semiconductor parts recyclingelectronics keeps massive amounts of lead, mercury, cadmium and brominated flame retardants out of the environment. Some electronics also have valuable materials in them, such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, copper, tin, brass and zinc, which can be reused to cut down on the use of virgin materials.

With our proprietary Concordis ERP system we can also provide secure tracking, remote viewing and transaction records of all parts we remarket or dispose, and for security concerns Capitol Area Technology also offers services to provide total destruction of sensitive data stored digitally on hard drives, flash drives or other mediums. We shred these items to provide total destruction of data and still allow much of the materials to be recycled.

Our Austin Texas facility is a secure warehouse location which has passed inspection from the TSA for secure cargo screening. We offer other services where CAT can take larger systems and disassemble them to allow some items to be remarketed and other parts to be recycled or disposed of.