Semiconductor Parts Remarketing


Companies around the Semiconductor Industry are quickly learning the importance of having a strong remarketing and asset recovery partner at their side. With a partner like Capitol Area Technology, companies like Towerjazz™ and Micron™ are better able to focus on their mission of manufacturing the parts that drive the Industry, allowing us to provide new revenue streams and an incredible flexibility to their operations.


Capitol Area Technology has opened multiple remarketing channels to quickly and securely facilitate the sale of your excess and obsolescing inventory. We are constantly developing new Inventory Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for the Semiconductor and High-Tech Industries.

Excess Inventory

Having excess inventory has always been a big concern and many times has a large carry cost when tied to manufacturing operations.  In the high tech world as in many other manufacturing areas there has been a question of what to do as manufacturing process evolves and tool sets change. In the majority of cases the tools are relatively easy to sell, but what about all the parts and systems required to support the tool.  These typically do not go with the tool and are tied to different accounting cost GL codes so they do not depreciate same as a tool might. In today’s economy you defiantly to do want to just scrap and to auction or sell in large lots typical has value in the sub 10% of what was the original investment might not be the best solution.

Capitol Area Technology has created a very unique and comprehensive way for the high tech industry to see a return on investment on excess spare parts and support systems.  Currently they have clients utilizing remarketing services in multiple industry areas from End User Manufacturing, OEM and Supplier levels.  These clients are seeing much better returns on their excess inventory verses the old models of selling in large lots, auctions or past consignment models to a tune of 30-40% original purchase price in most cases.

A big difference is Capitol Area Technology takes responsibility for all levels of auditing, managing inventory, sales and logistics for a client’s excess inventory. During the audit process every part is inspected, condition and FMV is set along with multiple detail pictures taken. Clients receive details every month with their payment on their inventory which shows what is in inventory with an FMV value, what was sold and who was the buyer.  Capitol Area Technology also allows the client to track multiple cost centers and multiple sites.  Clients receive excel .xls or .cvs files each month to manage their internal inventory records. The Capitol Area Technology proprietary Concordis management system was developed to handle just this type of program and can also provide reports which will allow for data input into major programs like SAP.  Concordis gives clients the ability to see their inventory in real time through a secure WEB portal. This allows quick identification and processing of any part which might need to be returned for internal needs.

Concordis is very much different from other programs in that it allows Capitol Area Technology to increase the sales values of a client’s parts and makes the parts more attractive across multiple market segments.  In Concordis the part can be manages by OEM part number, Manufacture part number, condition (New, Refurbished, Used) as well as crossing the same part across multiple OEM applications for many commercial parts.  Concordis allows real time Web search and viewing of the complete inventory in real time for sales along with loading into multiple e-commerce solutions.  Customers can request tracking of critical need items and get automatically notified when parts enter the Capitol Area Technology inventory.

To be a true total solution supplier Capitol Area Technology also handles certified recycling duties to ensure clients get the best returns along with the peace of mind that all materials have been recycled to meet regulations and standards.  Industries are requiring a change in how excess inventory and assets are handled with Capitol Area Technology taking the lead with advanced open book solutions where credibility, honesty and trust are a major part of why clients select them.


Our primary Semiconductor Parts Remarketing platform, has been running since January 2011 and our customers are praising its ease of use, simple search function, and particularly appreciate the ability to chat directly with a Parts Specialist.

Visitors are quickly able to search through our vast inventory of new, used, and refurbished surplus semiconductor parts and components to locate the items they need to do business. In just six short months the site has grown to nearly 50,000 parts and over 5,000 views per month, and is showing no signs of slowing.

Many companies within the Semiconductor Industry have noticed, and as a result we have now begun to host their inventory alongside ours, creating a valuable synergy for all parties involved.


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